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Seven months later …

Spent spring and summer on the hill and many hot afternoons in the ‘van catching up with friends and family. Also caught Lorrie Moore and Joshua Ferris reading at the Hay Festival which was brilliant! This time here (our third summer) I’ve read a LOT: Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams; Richard Ford, Canada; Annie

William Eggleston

Excellent documentary about US photographer William Eggleston on BBC1’s Imagine, last night (14 July). When he first started taking photographs he was discouraged by his surroundings which he described to a friend as ‘shit’. ‘Then take photographs of the shit,’ his friend responded … I like that – location isn’t

Writers Rooms

I like reading about and looking at other writers rooms – here’s mine. Everything’s within arm’s reach: laptop, notebook, pens, pad of plain paper, reference books – last year’s wall planner and chairs with cushions. The one by the wall is for the cat BTW. Ideal? Well it would be

Minus 4

NANO Excerpt II Outside the hoar frost ran the length of the washing line. Birds flitted from branch to branch and from fat ball to seeds to peanuts before flying across the garden and into the conifer tree. The weather forecast said it would be clear today and sunny but

Nanowrimo Winner

Lots of coffee this morning to celebrate 61,035 words written over the last twenty four days. Now to begin the slower process of shaping it into something resembling a novel. The story only deigned to emerge in the last 5,000 words but at least now I know what I was

Masochist lured by nanowrimo

Up early … again (masochists never have a lie-in). So early that the hens haven’t got round to laying. Bring one egg home – instead of six. Fingers recovered from Writathon (Saturday) but mentally knackered. Managed 13 stories over 10 hours, but only 2000 words, the equivalent of walking a

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