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Tell me how you write …

Thanks to the lovely Teresa Stenson for giving me the opportunity to contribute to her series Tell Me How You Write. I’m Part 3, and over on her blog today, click here to read …

William Eggleston

Excellent documentary about US photographer William Eggleston on BBC1’s Imagine, last night (14 July). When he first started taking photographs he was discouraged by his surroundings which he described to a friend as ‘shit’. ‘Then take photographs of the shit,’ his friend responded … I like that – location isn’t

Bit early …

…  to get the bunting out, but 4000 word writing project is almost complete, just have to finish the 1000 word commentary. Not sure why stupid-tidy-up-person chose today to climb out of my head and clean the house, that definitely wasn’t in the plan but maybe it’ll (literally) clear the

Swimming against the current …

Juggling fiction and reality is a good place to be. Juggling writing, rewriting and editing leaves little time for anything other than eating and sleeping. Still in less than a couple of weeks this writing project will be on its way to Milton Keynes where it – or rather three


As yet, my story is incomplete and I am not happy working to immoveable word counts, BUT I am adopting Marco Pierre White’s maxim: self control is TRUE POWER … [well, in theory!]

Visual inspiration

I posted this image on my page at Six Sentences but thought I’d post it here as well. One person said she’d found it  inspiring and asked if I minded if she used it as starting point for a poem. It makes me happy if people want to use my

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