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Jonathan Pinnock, Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens …

Jonathan Pinnock stops by to talk about his debut novel ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’, published by Proxima Books on 1st September. [DB] Jonathan, congratulations. This is a very classy cover and splendid title. Is this genre-bending stuff? [JP] Thank you! That cover’s terrific, isn’t it? Genre-bending? Up to a point, yes. In

Too Many Magpies by Elizabeth Baines

I finished Too Many Magpies in three bedtime reads (something I rarely do!). Mesmerised from start to finish. As a reader I identified with it to a (sometimes) uncomfortable degree – loved the prose and the way the elements and characters were mirrored/entwined. A unique experience, seldom read anything by

A big think about writing

I’ve been having a (post-NaNo) BIG THINK about my writing. I finished my last (OU) creative writing course in May (A363 Advanced Creative Writing) and though I’ve written a lot of words since then I have only submitted one short story (4000 words) – deemed ‘intriguing’ but ‘difficult to place’

Just one book

I discovered Salt Publishing a couple of years ago when I was researching potential (and at that time, theoretical) outlets for a creative writing project I was doing at university. I liked the style of their operation – the type of books they were publishing, even harboured a faint ambition

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