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Full moon

Up at 02:30, took this through the bathroom window (4 seconds exposure AND hand-held). Course results came through this morning – feeling distinctly pleased with myself. What else can I say … off to write and enjoy the day.

Almost full moon …

Image © Mark Clements 2009. Glimpsed the moon out of the kitchen window the other night. Both of us grabbed our cameras but M managed to capture this reflection in the pond by lying flat out on the paving. The camera didn’t pick up the colour of the moon –

Time to …

… take off for a few days – even if it’s in my head – and do some writing.

Weird weather

The weather is weird but I like it. Like getting wet walking in the rain, especially to the Post Office to mail my final project. Feels good, especially when the sun comes out on the way home. Makes it all worthwhile. Next writing project? Contributing to an anthology … 😉

Visual inspiration

I posted this image on my page at Six Sentences but thought I’d post it here as well. One person said she’d found it  inspiring and asked if I minded if she used it as starting point for a poem. It makes me happy if people want to use my

Minus 4

NANO Excerpt II Outside the hoar frost ran the length of the washing line. Birds flitted from branch to branch and from fat ball to seeds to peanuts before flying across the garden and into the conifer tree. The weather forecast said it would be clear today and sunny but

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