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Well that’s what it says I did. This is the third consecutive year I’ve taken part in NaNoWriMo and it was so much harder this time but the writing experience was much better. I’d already decided (my only plan) that I wasn’t going to attempt a novel-length thing and had

Interludes (and a little insomnia) …

Well that’s where I was. In bed looking at the cat who was watching me read Lydia Davis. The fireworks have stopped (for now) but my mind starts wandering (never a good thing late at night) so I think I might as well get up and write. Then I’m downstairs

Even more stuff and things

Thought I ought to have a title for my NaNo *project* (not even going to call it a novel), so decided to revive an idea I had earlier this year and use *it* both as the title of my project and a blog which I set up, then neglected to

NaNoWriMo 2010: Countdown

Two days to go. Already lots of discussion about NaNo on Twitter (#nanowrimo hashtag if you’re interested); to plan or not to plan; are nails the optimum length for typing; are friends/family geared up for the degree of separation that will prevent us from being sociable/putting food on the table.

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