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So here goes

… Day one of thirty fiction-packed November days in which I aim to reach my target of writing (at least) 50 thousand words. According to my progress spreadsheet (sad geek that I am) I’ve completed 3% today – 1733 words of (for me who usually goes literary) surprisingly entertaining stuff.

Drip drip drip …

Not plugging Starb*cks – but loved this image. Going to set up one for NaNo, which starts in twelve or so days time. Might brew my own heady concoction instead, a mix of High Mountain and Podocarpus …

Ups and downs

The end of NANO means the start of the editing process. Today I’ve begun adding comments, highlighting passages that need moving, deleting the crap and doing endless tweaking. One minute my foot’s on the accelerator then I come across an unexpected hump which slows me down again … But hey,

Running on Empty

This is a short unedited extract from my NANO novel Running on Empty. Another blue tit landed on the hawthorn branch then hopped onto the bag of black sunflower seeds, nodding this way and that. The robin dropped out of the lilac onto the terracotta tray that held the mixed

Woolf meets Kerouac?

Not managing to do much else whilst NANO is on apart from write. The synopsis for my ‘novel’ reads: A stream of consciousness novel rooted in the minutiae of the everyday. Think Virginia Woolf meets Jack Kerouac, then think again … To what extent the editing process will alter this,

Nano update

Reached the halfway target: 25,000 words in only 7 days, yippee!

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