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Night wanderings

Something outside is making a noise, somewhere between a squeak, a miaow and a croak. Don’t know what it is, maybe a stray cat, a howling mouse or itinerant hedgehog. It’s night-time. I can’t see out so I choose to ignore it and concentrate on familiar noises inside the house.

Gales, tornadoes and entropy

[Notes from 30 Nov] A day of gales and tornados – ‘like something I’ve never seen before … and then it just stopped,’ said a man in Stockport. I’m feeling mortal, which is why at 02.30 I’m still up, or at least awake and been watching a couple of videos

Out of time

Still love this image. Did it around 2005 when we lived in York. I’d planned to do a whole series like this, but this was the only one I completed and because – thematically – it didn’t fit in with stuff I’m doing, I kept it hidden away. Not intentionally

A big think about writing

I’ve been having a (post-NaNo) BIG THINK about my writing. I finished my last (OU) creative writing course in May (A363 Advanced Creative Writing) and though I’ve written a lot of words since then I have only submitted one short story (4000 words) – deemed ‘intriguing’ but ‘difficult to place’

Later on Day Four

7528 Had another splurge – boosted my word count for today and stopped before I hit the wall. By concentrating on one character a day I seem to be able to get into their heads better with links to the other characters I can develop later. Still not thinking too

Full moon

Up at 02:30, took this through the bathroom window (4 seconds exposure AND hand-held). Course results came through this morning – feeling distinctly pleased with myself. What else can I say … off to write and enjoy the day.

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