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Go See … Harris Open 2011

I don’t know who these guys are but I had to give them a wider audience. The group forms one of the exhibits at the current Harris Open 2011 titled Preston Artists in the Preston “Caf” (Artist: Steph Matthews). I think they’re brilliant. I really enjoy going to this (was biannual,

Out and about … in Preston

First stop yesterday: a CT scan. That was weird. As was the security van parked up on Orchard Street emitting a repeated “Help. Help. This security van is under attack. Call the police. Help…” The driver was reading his newspaper, so we assumed it wasn’t and went for coffee. Third


I love this. It’s by Mark Clements, it’s called Flatlands [Ink on Paper. 23cmx23cm.] and it’s in the Harris Museum & Art Gallery‘s Open exhibition until 22 December and yes, this is an unashamed plug for my very talented other half.

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