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Loose Wiring

We’ve set up a dedicated Loose Wiring website for our text and image project. All past and future posts will be located there.  

Go See … Harris Open 2011

I don’t know who these guys are but I had to give them a wider audience. The group forms one of the exhibits at the current Harris Open 2011 titled Preston Artists in the Preston “Caf” (Artist: Steph Matthews). I think they’re brilliant. I really enjoy going to this (was biannual,

Gales, tornadoes and entropy

[Notes from 30 Nov] A day of gales and tornados – ‘like something I’ve never seen before … and then it just stopped,’ said a man in Stockport. I’m feeling mortal, which is why at 02.30 I’m still up, or at least awake and been watching a couple of videos

Watch where you’re walking

Found at bus stop. Went to see a new exhibition, Revolver by artist David Newton, which includes a number of portraits, some recently exhibited at the Admiral Lord Rodney pub in Colne. The pub website states that Newton’s work is ‘concerned primarily with the associative nature of image and context’

Unpopular culture

Artist Grayson Perry curates Unpopular Culture – an Arts Council touring exhibition currently showing at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston. Perry’s selection of figurative painting, documentary photography and bronze sculpture is a personal narrative of Britain from the late 1940s to the 1980s. Brilliantly conceived, it juxtaposes stark

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