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6 Music lives on!

6Music lives on! Delighted to hear Lauren Laverne announce the BBC Trust’s decision – NOT to close 6Music. A great start to the week and proves it’s worth making a noise about stuff that’s important. YAY!

Greenwood to score Murakami’s Norwegian Wood

And it’s not a secret – I voted for Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. In part a sentimental vote – my eldest son’s emulation of Greenwood earned him an A+ in his GCSE Music exam – but he also gets my vote for creativity and that IMO places him way above the

How to save 6Music …

This morning BBC Trust’s chairman Sir Michael Lyons said that: “public concern” might mean the corporation will have to “rethink” plans to axe two radio stations. The BBC say they want to make ‘room’ for commercial alternatives to 6Music. But commercial radio doesn’t have the BBC’s live music archive –

6Music to be closed down …

Latest announcement from Director General of BBC Mark Thompson says that 6Music and Asian Network will be axed at end of 2011. Thompson’s review still has to be ratified by BBC Trust. You can email them here trust.enquiries@bbc.co.uk Me? I’m gutted.

Sign the petition to save 6Music

Some of you may have read my previous post about the possible demise – if the BBC Trust get their way – of 6Music. If you want to hear more new music, ground-breaking talent, brilliant archive and live sessions, excellent indie front-men/women (as someone called them!) such as Jon Richardson,

Saving 6Music …

I’ve been listening to 6Music since September 2004 when we first discovered (were able to get) digital radio. We were looking forward to listening to John Peel in glorious digital but he was away on holiday and like millions of other listeners we were devastated when we heard that he’d

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