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Days pass like shadows

Days pass like shadows – especially when it’s dark, winter or foggy. It’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here. For a while I’d contemplated giving up this blog. The majority of people seem happy to share personal information online, but as an introvert, I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it. I

A new view of the hills

The past couple of years I’ve been posting #throughthewindow images to Instagram. Most were taken where I live – up on the hill in the spring, summer and autumn, and from a first floor apartment window in a town nearby during the winter. None of the views are in any way remarkable, but I take a lot of

Seven months later …

Spent spring and summer on the hill and many hot afternoons in the ‘van catching up with friends and family. Also caught Lorrie Moore and Joshua Ferris reading at the Hay Festival which was brilliant! This time here (our third summer) I’ve read a LOT: Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams; Richard Ford, Canada; Annie

Through the window …

On the border

Most days I cross the border from Wales to England, on foot, either to pick up the car or do some shopping at the local supermarket. I’ve taken these photos over the last few months. Some were taken in the afternoon on my way back home across the border, others

Down by the river

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