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On abandoning Blood Meridian

Have abandoned Blood Meridian on p285 of 353 – a pretty hefty investment of time in any book. So why have I stopped with only 60 pages to go? It is relentlessly bleak*. No, not like The Road. In The Road we get to travel with the kid and his

Big Books

Big books rule! Well they did pre-Christmas. Or maybe it’s a northern thing. Out of all the big book readers I spotted on my trip south, this guy was hardcore, not only was he holding the largest book – it was hardback. I didn’t spot anyone reading on the way

Jonathan Pinnock, Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens …

Jonathan Pinnock stops by to talk about his debut novel ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’, published by Proxima Books on 1st September. [DB] Jonathan, congratulations. This is a very classy cover and splendid title. Is this genre-bending stuff? [JP] Thank you! That cover’s terrific, isn’t it? Genre-bending? Up to a point, yes. In

Out and about … in Preston

First stop yesterday: a CT scan. That was weird. As was the security van parked up on Orchard Street emitting a repeated “Help. Help. This security van is under attack. Call the police. Help…” The driver was reading his newspaper, so we assumed it wasn’t and went for coffee. Third

Too Many Magpies by Elizabeth Baines

I finished Too Many Magpies in three bedtime reads (something I rarely do!). Mesmerised from start to finish. As a reader I identified with it to a (sometimes) uncomfortable degree – loved the prose and the way the elements and characters were mirrored/entwined. A unique experience, seldom read anything by

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