Days pass like shadows

IMG_1832Days pass like shadows – especially when it’s dark, winter or foggy. It’s been almost a year since I last posted anything here. For a while I’d contemplated giving up this blog. The majority of people seem happy to share personal information online, but as an introvert, I’ve always felt uncomfortable about it. I go through phases. When there’s a lot going on in my life, I embrace periods of radio silence when – and I’m sorry – I can’t reply to emails, even to close friends, until that phase has passed. I call it self-preservation, others call it annoying, but it’s what I do.

2015 was the year I found myself knitting 17 cats, one for each year our cat Polly had been alive (she died at the beginning of last year). They’re still around, living in a small wicker basket (currently under the TV table) as is the wooden box containing Polly’s ashes which we can’t bring ourselves to scatter until we find somewhere that feels right.

2016 is, so far, all about printmaking. A focus on images, narrative structure (something I picked up from last year’s knitting marathon) and the printmaking process.

More about words and images, the tactile qualities of ink, paper, linoleum and sh*t hot carving tools in future posts!

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