Only temporary …

illmissmytemporarydeskI’ll miss my temporary desk. OK, it wasn’t very big and had to double as a table but at least everything was within arm’s reach.

On Monday we moved out of the – very warm – flat we’d rented for the winter and into our – very cold – metal box up on the hillside. At 6am on Tuesday it was 1°C INSIDE.

A few days later, a few degrees warmer. We have hats, thick socks, three duvets and a cat to keep us warm at night. I am resigned to having only a temporary space at the table and a makeshift resting place for my notebooks (three boxes covered with fabric). I have an old school desk but need a chair the right height to use it. I look out onto a hazel tree strung with bird feeders in the foreground and a view of the hills through a gap in the hedge. Like the birds, like everyone, I am waiting for spring.

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