Night wanderings

Something outside is making a noise, somewhere between a squeak, a miaow and a croak. Don’t know what it is, maybe a stray cat, a howling mouse or itinerant hedgehog. It’s night-time. I can’t see out so I choose to ignore it and concentrate on familiar noises inside the house. Feels right. Feels better.

It’s 2am and I am reuniting things with their cables; sewing machine with foot pedal, eReader with USB, camera with download cable… I have NO idea why or when these things ended up not just detached, but at opposite ends of the house. FFS. Civilisations could fall for want of a download cable.

It probably happened before – thousands of years ago – a download cable carelessly dropped into a peat bog, and shit, someone had to start inventing things all over again. We will never know.

Like I don’t know what was scratching around outside. If I go and look when it’s light I might find clues; a few tracks – if it snowed, maybe, which it hasn’t – or some flattened grass – if it had grown recently, which it hasn’t. So I won’t ever know. Will it matter? Probably not. Not to me. I’m not attached to anything out there that can’t look after itself. I’m only attached to things inside the house and the things inside me. I do not need a cable. Having said that, I don’t retain a lot of information, it passes in and out again on a regular (daily) basis but I can still make a wonderful cup of coffee.

I drink my coffee the same way every day and have done for years. It’s a habit. We should all cultivate more habits, stick with them, pass them on. That’s the way to keep things alive. Fresh. Interesting. Civilised.

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