Random Project 2012

I heard about the Random Project via Creative Review a couple of weeks ago.

Organiser Sarah Hyndman: “The Random Project 2012 showcases a growing collection of postcards which are created by everybody. These celebrate the spirit of London 2012 and enable us to visually document the shared cultural experience as the year unfolds – we will all become the artists-in-residence for a historic year.

To be honest, I don’t live in London and I’m not a fan of the Olympics, but I liked the idea of designing a postcard to a given random word (great project for design students). I (no longer a design student) was assigned the word cockney, not immediately inspiring,  but after a little lateral thinking, I made this.

A couple of things I particularly like about this project: a. you CAN’T design it on the computer b. anyone can take part. So, hand-made AND democratic.

All you have to do is email a number between to 1 and 100 to word@random-project.co.uk. In return you’re assigned a random word and sent full details about the project. For more info and to visit the online gallery, visit Random Project 2012.

The link to my (Random) page is here.

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