Tiny things 2012

I don’t make resolutions that involve deprivation. No point, I have zero will-power when it comes to roll-ups, cake or coffee, but because I don’t drink alcohol (at all), gave up chocolate last July, and just happen not to like biscuits, I don’t see any harm indulging in these (few) oral pleasures. It all balances out (My Rules).

One thing I like about living in the north is that people talk to each other – they say hello in shops, in the street, as you pass on the pavement. They chat on buses, in the doctor’s surgery, while waiting for trains. Not everyone, obviously – that would be mad, but enough to make you feel as though you live on a planet that has other living breathing humans on it. And I do like that. And no, you don’t get that down south – especially not in cities, especially not in London.

One thing I made a point of last year was saying hello and / or smiling at people I didn’t know. Especially old people, in particular grumpy-looking old people. Even weird people, the sort you’d probably cross the road to avoid. The challenge was to get them to smile, nod or say hello back, and mostly they did. It doesn’t bother me if they don’t but it gives me a lot of pleasure when they do. It’s only a little thing I know but we’re all in this sometimes-big-heap-of-shit called life together. Why can’t we be nicer, kinder to each other?

So my tiny resolution is to continue doing the same thing this year. That and writing more tiny things. I wrote a 63 word story the other day, one of the best things I’ve written so I’m beginning to think tiny things are the way to go. How about you?

4 Replies to “Tiny things 2012”

  1. Frances Gapper says:

    i think tiny things are the way to go, too! 🙂


  2. Diane Becker says:

    Glad I’m not alone 🙂


  3. I agree! I tend to make grand pronouncements before Jan 1st and then it all flounders … (is that a word?) I’ve made some small shifts already which I hope may result in bigger shifts. I like the smiling idea, I will try that, especially at grumpy old people, nice one 🙂 Happy New Year!


  4. Diane Becker says:

    Phew, I’d started to think the smiling thing was a little subversive! Good to hear you’re making small shifts too. Much more manageable and achievable. Happy New Year!


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