All a bit of a blur …

1. Rosebay willowherb alongside the railway track between Crewe and Shrewsbury.

2. A trip to Hay on Wye that involved visiting as many bookshops as we could in 2.5 days. Had to drag OH out of one before he (to quote himself) ‘got into trouble’. Bought a copy of Ann Patchett’s Run, Walt Whitman’s I Sing the Body Electric plus a copy of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress for my mother (don’t ask).

3. In between bookshops we took kittens to the vets to have them neutered; played with kittens, mopped up kitten sick after someone (not us) fed them custard; we walked from Hay to Clyro (which is no great distance, but there is a big hill in the middle with excellent views of the Black Mountains) – then we all tested many glorious cakes at the Granary: including Bakewell tart (more a whore of a gateau), a squidgy chocolate brownie thing that could only be eaten with a spoon and a caramelised (very buttery) flapjack.

4. Wrote the draft of a short story before we went and another when we came back, started reading three books and cut back half the garden.

The back door is open. There is a fly buzzing round the kitchen. Summer is good. And I’m looking forward to Friday when I get my new lenses fitted so that finally I can focus on it all.

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