Out and about … in Preston

First stop yesterday: a CT scan. That was weird. As was the security van parked up on Orchard Street emitting a repeated “Help. Help. This security van is under attack. Call the police. Help…” The driver was reading his newspaper, so we assumed it wasn’t and went for coffee.

Third stop was the Harris Museum to see Current: an experiment in collecting digital art. We watched and particularly enjoyed Michael Szpakowski’s – ‘House & Garden’ [2009 Animated GIFs with original soundtrack], twice, then wandered over to Waterstones where, though not much fine art or short fiction [unless you like erotic anthologies], I bought Jenn Ashworth‘s (lovely hardback, only £12.99!) Cold Light.

I’ve been wanting to read this not just because Jenn wrote it (which is a good enough reason for anyone to read it), but also because it’s set in a fictional version of the place where I was a teenager too. The excellent trailer is here.

I am reading it now, with one eye open, or one eye closed depending on your POV (pardon pun, for explanation see recent post on eye problems/double vision).

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