On remembering Richard Brautigan

Doug Coupland and Richard Brautigan. Two of my favourite writers. Except I’d forgotten (horror) about Richard Brautigan until I read the Bookmunch review of Coupland’s new novel Player One, this morning in which – I should add – Coupland’s Generation X is deemed ‘up there’ alongside Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America.

I bought Trout Fishing in America and In Watermelon Sugar when I was a student – a long time ago. Before I sold/gave away my 15-packing-case collection of dearly loved books when it became impossible to house or move said books during my turbulent-moving-several-times-a-year phase in the early 90s. But one good thing about now is rediscovering authors and books I had forgotten and heading over to Amazon (other good online bookstores are available) to see if I can still buy them.

I have a thing about book covers, so was pleased to find Trout Fishing in America clothed in a version of the original that matched the one in my memory (left). Slightly appalled to discover that the paperback City Limits edition (which I bought on a visit to Montreal in 1975) was still available – for just under £40. Hahaha. Glad I’m not motivated by nostalgia.

However I am interested in rediscovering book/s that may have shaped the writer I am today. I can’t remember Trout Fishing in America, but I remember loving it and I want to re-read it to find out why.

More information on Richard Brautigan here.

Poems by Richard Brautigan here.

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