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To celebrate my blog’s second anniversary I decided to organise my links. Well, no that isn’t why I’ve done it. I did it because I saw a comment on a friend’s blog (congrats Cathy btw!) which said [extract] ‘it’s not easy finding collections/anthologies of short stories’. Waaaaaaah. I thought, what about The Short Review for starters… so I went through my links (just to check The Short Review was on it, which it was – phew) and decided I’d got so many sites listed under ‘blogroll’ (why ‘blogroll’? WHY?) that I’d re-organise them into a more useful resource.

I’ve probably (I admit) taken a more writing-centric than reading-centric approach to the organising of the list, but – whether you’re primarily a reader or a reader/writer – the new category, Short Fiction Places includes a wide cross section of online and print short fiction publishers – places where you might read stories online or buy collections/anthologies or submit stuff.

The categories Writer Blogs and Writer Resources are self-explanatory and blogs I think make interesting reading. I’ve also added a category Creative Places, which includes links to other sites which feed my creative soul.

Whether you’re a reader or writer or both, I hope you find this useful. If there’s anything I’ve missed out, which you think deserves to be included, please let me know!


For those who don’t know it, The Short Review is an online journal which, ‘shines a spotlight’ on short story collections and anthologies, with links to author interviews, reviews, and ‘where to buy’. So no excuses …

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  1. Cathy says:

    Would you like to come back to my blog and leave a comment linking back to the wonderful resources here in case my new reader comes back?

    And thank you 🙂



  2. cassieopie says:

    Is that OK?! On my way …


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