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If you’re on Twitter and you follow @binarydad (which I do) you will have noticed that he’s set up Bickr, a website where people can submit their (amazing) iPhone photographs (he calls it iphoneography). I don’t have an iPhone (want one) but have borrowed my son’s girlfriend’s iPhone to take photographs a couple of times this year and decided to submit one of my favourites. So, many thanks go to @binaryday aka @BickrBlog who put it up on the site today. You can vote/rate each photograph too. What a great idea and a great site. Here’s the link to my photograph – though for the rest of today (the 12th) it’ll be on Bickr’s main page.

2 Replies to “Bickr iPhone blog …”

  1. nikperring says:

    That’s GORGEOUS!!


  2. cassieopie says:

    Cheers NIk 🙂


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