Lovely stuff for writers #1

Warning. This post is about food, lovely stuff that writers, nay most people, will love. I’ve no idea whose recipe this was originally, but it was given to me by Hilary, who lives next door. She got it from a friend who told her how to make it over the phone.

I don’t often use recipes – I’ve cooked for so long, read so many recipe books, watched so many programmes on cookery that – well, give me the general idea and I’ll create my own version. Anyway, we were given two (large) slices of this pudding to try this morning and ate them soon after with a splodge of double cream alongside a pot of good fresh coffee. It was amazing.

It’s dead easy to make – which is why I thought it would appeal to those who are totally involved in their writing but who remember – or are reminded, usually at the last minute – that they were supposed to make some food (I classify this as food proper, because it has cheese in it … and fruit). As the cook you are also allowed to lick the bowl. OK, here’s my version of the recipe …

Apricot Brioche pudding

(sorry I don’t have a photo, we ate it before I remembered to take one).

Mix a tub of mascarpone cheese with some caster sugar and whip an egg into it. Slice some brioche, buttered both sides and lay it in a medium size flan dish.

Pour the mascarpone mixture onto the brioche base. Drain a large can of apricot halves and lay the apricots over the brioche then sprinkle generously with demerara sugar. Stick it in a medium oven and cook for about half an hour – until the top is slightly browned. When it’s cooled down a bit, dust with icing sugar and serve warm or cold with crème fraiche or double cream.

Go on. Try it. It’s yummy.

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