“He had bacon and eggs as usual for his breakfast, but his bottom was still bleeding so we took him to the vet.”

I love Bugged Project already. What writer could resist the temptation to put their highly tuned eavesdropping skills to such good use. Want to know more?

From Bugged: The Basics

Writers of the UK: on July 1st, go forth and eavesdrop. Write something based on what you hear. Send it to us by August 15th. The good stuff appears here: the best of the best in an anthology, coming October 2010. Our ten core writers will also be in the book.

The ten core writers include:

Between now and 1 July I’ll be honing my eavesdropping into a higher art whether I’m in the garden, walking down the road, at the shops or waiting in the queue at the doctors. Bus journeys – yes, maybe I’ll spend a day on the bus …


The Guardian on Bugged

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Oh, and thanks to the lovely Bugged who give my ‘overhearing’ an anonymous mention here!

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