Every day’s a school day #1

In this intermittent series you get to find out what I DON’T know about stuff and things (or what I have forgotten!).

It’ll either give you a chance to jeer at my lack of knowledge or applaud the breadth of my questioning mind as I discover (or re-discover) random things.

First on my list – Bees (there are a lot of them about at the moment). I know the basic how-they-pollinate everything, produce honey and are at risk of disappearing altogether (probably why honey’s so expensive). I know there’s Royal Jelly (must remember to ask @DianainHeaven about that, she was fond of the stuff).

I know there are bumble bees, honey bees, wild bees, mortar bees (and I only know that because a swarm of them once drilled out all the mortar on a friend’s 16th century house). But where do they go in winter?

Turns out they hibernate not just in cracks in buildings but in soil. I also found out that when they come into your house in spring acting strangely (one came in our kitchen and flew up and down along the dresser – I thought it was after our honey), they are actually looking for somewhere nice and dark to nest. Well there you go. I didn’t know that.

The other thing (not about bees) that I just found out was about Stewart Copeland (drummer in The Police). I was watching the live final of I’m in a Rock and Roll Band (Sat 5 June BBC2), and idly wondered why he had a fake American accent. Turns out it’s because he IS American. I guess everyone (but me) knew that.

Next in the series: probably hedgehogs or aphids. Feel free to add to what I already don’t know.

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