Today is World Book Day – a celebration of books and reading. I’m reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (and no I haven’t seen the film yet and as I’m still hibernating, am unlikely to see it for some time).

It’s a while since I’ve read a novel that’s gripped me quite like this one. I’m reading it at night (so it doesn’t interfere with my writing the following day).

Though it’s very dark (a boy and his father travelling on foot through a post-apocalyptic landscape) it is beautifully (very sparely) written prose and the story itself so good I’m almost ahead of them on the look-out for what or who they’re going to come across next.

As soon as I’ve finished reading this, it’s back to reviewing. I’ve got two short story collections to finish – one for The Short Review (Clifford Garstang’s In An Uncharted Country) and Andrew Michael Hurley’s The Unusual Death of Julie Christie and Other Stories). I know I’ve mentioned these on here before. I keep thinking I’m getting through them too slowly, but I’m savouring them! I’m about half way through both books now but after finishing a story I need space and time to think about them. The short form is often very rich and I want my reviews to do these stories justice.

So that’s what I’m reading on World Book Day. How about you?

[Image above: BirdScreen. Diane Becker].