Sign the petition to save 6Music

Some of you may have read my previous post about the possible demise – if the BBC Trust get their way – of 6Music.

If you want to hear more new music, ground-breaking talent, brilliant archive and live sessions, excellent indie front-men/women (as someone called them!) such as Jon Richardson, Stuart Maconie, Adam & Joe, Lauren Laverne, Shaun Keaveney, Craig Charles, Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey (from Elbow) and more … don’t sit and moan about it, visit and sign the petition, or click the link here.

As soon as you can. Please.

4 Replies to “Sign the petition to save 6Music”

  1. mark greenbank says:

    I am 40 years old and enjoy music ,so you can imagane my delight in discovering 6 music last june.I do not understand Mark Thompson and crew .Firstly and blindingly obviously radio 6 would have a far far larger audience if it was on FM which blows the lack of listener argument out of the water .Radio one has annoyed me for years now, not just by playing dreadful music ( could be my age ?) but the djs who ( when not kissing some so called celebs butt )seem to be lost in their own importance . Would a more obvious solution be to merge radio one and one extra they appear to be the same ilk . I live in Cumbria , both digital and FM channels are limited to bbc programs ,in R6 this no bad thing ,if you go my radio will go in the bin . “concentrating on quality “? thats a killer , is that man from this planet. All the best R6 M Greenbank.


  2. cassieopie says:

    Thanks for your comments. Make sure you email your views to and let’s hope public pressure keeps 6Music alive!


  3. Sarah Edgar says:

    SAVE 6 MUSIC and put it on FM so I can listen in the car!


  4. Stephen Hugill says:

    Do not go radio 6, you will be remembered always!


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