Out of time

Still love this image. Did it around 2005 when we lived in York. I’d planned to do a whole series like this, but this was the only one I completed and because – thematically – it didn’t fit in with stuff I’m doing, I kept it hidden away. Not intentionally of course. It’s the same with the story I unearthed this afternoon. I’d been thinking about this particular story idea for a couple of years, wrote a first draft last autumn, but couldn’t get it to work so I filed it away. Now I’ve looked at it with fresh eyes I can see how to take it further. Now happy. Phew. It’s a long, frustrating and lovely process isn’t it?!

2 Replies to “Out of time”

  1. Nik Perring says:

    Yay! Goodo. Time away can help so much, can’t it!


  2. cassieopie says:

    Yes, though I found it really frustrating because it was one of the first things I’ve written that came out all in one go and I thought I’d broken through some sort of writing ‘barrier’, but of course, it didn’t happen like that. Glad it didn’t get lost in depths of my abysmal filing system though!


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