Well I did it – again. This year it took me 16 days to write a total of 50,848 words, as verified today by the Office of Letters & Light (organisers of NaNoWriMo).

This year – probably because of Twitter – I’ve noticed the backlash and the sniggers, from other writers, bloggers and the odd agent (I assume US-based) who feared her in-tray would be groaning after the ‘thanksgiving’ holiday with manuscripts from naiive NaNoers who believed by completing the challenge that they’d produced a ‘finished’ novel.

I tried not to read much of this crap – mainly because I didn’t want anything to distract me from what I was hoping to achieve – and no, my 50,848 words do not resemble a novel at all – how could they when I wrote them at the speed of light – but what I’ve come out with after only a couple of weeks is a vast creative resource from which a novel may emerge – there’s probably 20,000 words worth of scenes that connect – plus several short story ideas and quite possibly some poetry.

So, to writers I say, don’t knock it – see it as a month devoted to being creative. To bloggers who make it their business to write about the business of writing – well, carry on – say what you like about NaNoWriMo, but if it inspires young people to write (more about their Young Writers Scheme later) that can only be a good thing. To the agent who dreaded coming back to a sackload of manuscripts, don’t forget – writers are your business – without them you wouldn’t be an agent – you’d be doing something completely different. And finally, to fellow Nanoers who may be reading this – a huge YAY to those who have already finished and a GOGOGO to those who are still writing – and no, that doesn’t sound cool, but I really don’t give a sh*t!