So here goes

nano_09_blk_participant_120x90.png… Day one of thirty fiction-packed November days in which I aim to reach my target of writing (at least) 50 thousand words.

According to my progress spreadsheet (sad geek that I am) I’ve completed 3% today – 1733 words of (for me who usually goes literary) surprisingly entertaining stuff.

I decided to list my genre – even though I hate defining fiction by genre – as mainstream. Thought it might free me up mentally, and it has. Thought I had no plot, plan or even character as such, and I didn’t, but within the space of 1000 words, I’ve put the MC in hospital, with a lycra-clad politician (he was a NaNo dare btw, not the sort of character I’d normally feel compelled to include), and a narrative of sorts emerging.

I’ve put a Write or Die progress bar (widget) in my sidebar because the official NaNo ones aren’t working as yet, so thanks to Dr Wicked for doing it! Good luck to everyone who’s doing NaNo too.

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