Swimming against the current …

Juggling fiction and reality is a good place to be. Juggling writing, rewriting and editing leaves little time for anything other than eating and sleeping. Still in less than a couple of weeks this writing project will be on its way to Milton Keynes where it – or rather three copies of it – will sit on a shelf or in a box and at some point during the summer finally land on someone’s desk to be read.

Meanwhile the ‘to read’ pile of books is growing. Finished Douglas Coupland’s The Gum Thief (tricksy ending, clever man); now reading Murakami’s After Dark. Next in the pile is Neil Gaiman’s Coraline. Gaiman’s writing is new to me so forgive me for not jumping round like a mad thing. I’m trying him out, is that OK?

Right, dinner on then back to writing …


  1. We’re on the home stretch now although I have a lot of writing still to be done (let alone editing and re-writing). Good luck to you!


  2. Thanks!!! I spend WAY too much time fussing about with blogs and twitter and not nearly enough time on my screenplay! I am following you too!


  3. Jen

    But… but… I haven’t really made a start on my ECA. Why did I not know that I had to post it, in an envelope, at not 2 mins to midnight next Friday?

    Oh. My. God.

    Pass the vino.

    *Cries a little bit*


  4. … umm, it gets worse, we have to post it by next Tuesday (supposed to allow three days for posting), unless you want to drive there? I’ve finished ECA writing bit just have to do commentary, but procrastinating like a mad thing today! Good luck Jen {{hugs}}.


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