Reading at night

nightreadingFind it difficult to read at night so keep a notebook and pen by the bed – sods law – ideas strike just as I’ve got comfortable. But I do keep a selection of books – either reference (see photo) or books I can read short sections of without losing the plot. Have a great one at the moment; Douglas Coupland’s The Gum Thief. Multiple narrators advance the story in the form of letters between the characters – interspersed with surreal prose sections written from the POV of  ‘toast’ – plus extracts from (one of) the protagonist Roger’s unpublished novel, Glove Pond, which features thinly disguised characters drawn from the staff at the Staples store where he works. Worlds within worlds, brilliantly written – and best of all, it doesn’t keep me awake if I’m tired, neither does it interfere with my own writing, nor does it send me to sleep. Perfect bedtime reading …

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