Googling analogies. 17200 results in sea …

Googling analogies. 17200 results in search of a simile for hissing like… something less cliched than snakes. Found some interesting comparisons.

Hissing like:

Liberals / a cat / a banshee / an ex-wife / a rabid dog / a mother / a can of spray paint / a bad connection / hedgehogs / a live wire / angry goose / deflating inner tube / soil leaking through a coffin lid / a gas leak / a wild man / a bewildered orchestra / a steam valve / a dying tiger / radiostatic / the sea / a jungle in summer / the wings of a gnat / rain on the pavement / the flow of electricity / a landscape of toads / a demon / wet fuses / rotting garbage / vampires

The pleasure of using analogies it appears, is ‘interestingly subjective …’ however my view is that the only thing that should be ‘hissing like an ex-wife’ is an ex-wife; water + fuses = a hissing like wet fuses – and possibly – the sound of someone screaming. Those in favour of analogies have been warned.

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