Grey sky. Trees still. Cats asleep. Empt …

Grey sky. Trees still. Cats asleep. Empty.
Night night. Sleep well Dad.

Geoffrey Lumb
Born Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, 05 November 1925.
Died Ulverston, Cumbria, 14 February 2009.

2 Replies to “Grey sky. Trees still. Cats asleep. Empt …”

  1. chris lumb says:

    Your father Geoffrey Lumb, was he related to my birth mother Audrey May Lumb? Audrey had a brother called Geoff. Geoff did live in jersey for a considerable amount of time. Geoff was married to Jean with 3 daughters. Please feel free to contact me [email deleted]


  2. cassieopie says:

    Hello – no relation I’m afraid, he was an only child, and only ventured to Jersey once for a holiday as far as I know! Best wishes …


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