Writers Rooms


I like reading about and looking at other writers rooms – here’s mine. Everything’s within arm’s reach: laptop, notebook, pens, pad of plain paper, reference books – last year’s wall planner and chairs with cushions. The one by the wall is for the cat BTW. Ideal? Well it would be if it wasn’t in the kitchen (ah but it is warm and close to the kettle!). Where do you write?

6 Replies to “Writers Rooms”

  1. Nik Perring says:

    Very nice. Like the desk a lot. I’ll try to put up a pic of my office soon…



  2. cassieopie says:

    Have had lots of friends posting pics of their rooms on the OU writing forum, there’s usually a cat or dog in them somewhere! Look forward to seeing yours – rule is – you can’t tidy up!


  3. cassieopie says:

    Have also changed the photo. This one’s brighter and more messy! Note the extension lead hanging out of drawer. Must move it to a safer place, oh LOL.


  4. Very smart, to do your own writer’s room and not wait until Eamonn McCabe turns up. :))


  5. cassieopie says:

    Writers’ rooms – like artists studios = are always intriguing especially those unseen or merely overlooked 🙂


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