Ups and downs


The end of NANO means the start of the editing process. Today I’ve begun adding comments, highlighting passages that need moving, deleting the crap and doing endless tweaking. One minute my foot’s on the accelerator then I come across an unexpected hump which slows me down again … But hey, once you’re in the groove, it’s almost fun!

2 Replies to “Ups and downs”

  1. oh says:

    ohmigosh you’re so good to start the editing thing. I’m still just plain old happy about hitting the numbers and actually afraid to look at what I wrote.
    Maybe I will take a look after all…Good luck with your story and congrats to a fello nano-er on winning!


  2. cassieopie says:


    I have now completely deconstructed my ‘novel’ and it is now in four parts – the plan (LOL) is to reconstruct it into a coherent whole! (ROFL!)

    Congratulations on your NANO and good luck with your story too!


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