Image location: Manchester Metropolitan University

Took the train to Manchester on Saturday for a creative writing tutorial at MMU.

Played status games (I was a number 5) – we all ignored 10, but felt compassionate towards number 2 who was a victim, we felt of social injustice.

We learned about dramatic structure and how to use it in screenplays, how to create conflict, contrast and dramatic tension.

In groups we wrote the opening scene for an extreme situation. Ours was located on a station platform. This was appropriate given that I’d had to stand up all the way there. This created some tension, if not for me then for other people on the train – one of whom was clearly claustrophobic – but it gave me something interesting to write about.

The resolution? Oh, I finished NANO (reached 50k yesterday) though I’m continuing to the end of November. Yikes. Can’t believe I said that! Link to my NANO page here.