Not updated as regularly as news sites or Google, but a social document all the same, this village noticeboard is updated every Sunday morning. Recent items have included a talking Quaker parrot (for sale), a stud (available for hire) in the form of an obliging terrier (no appointment required?) plus an invitation to knit a teddy (free wool and needles) for Teddies for Tragedies – an appeal to knitters with soft hearts …


  1. Fantastic, a Parrot you say? And a Religious one at that?
    Very interesting… an in-doctrinated Parrot! I wonder what interesting things such a creature might come out with! I rather think I might have to persue this further…


  2. cassieopie

    Might have been tempted to investigate further if ‘free to good home’ – but £250? Think of all the phrases I could have taught it to stop me procrastinating …


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