Stream of consciousness … (wpm?)

Thought I’d do some limbering up for nanowrimo (irritating acronym don’t you think?) … a literary workout. Used one of my shortlisted titles (previous post) as a prompt for a freewrite to see how much content it would generate. Managed to type 1223 words in 38 minutes. Worked out ‘stream of consciousness’ peak flow at 31.57894736842 words per minute! As I copy type at 47 wpm I was quite cheered – thinking – maybe I can cope with a target of 2000 words a day.

Meanwhile on eve of gig in Berlin, eldest son posts message in German on my facebook wall, and as I don’t speak German I have no idea what it says. Cat flicked pile of red rubber bands up in the air. Next door neighbour informs me that shrimp harvesting in Morecambe Bay is declining as the seawater has become less salty because of the heavy rain. Suffer my own credit crunch as I unintentionally wash (my only) pound coin in the washing machine. It comes out slightly  battered, but at least it’s clean …

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